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Recent Developments

April 14, 2014Celanese Announces Plans for Bishop, TX Methanol Plant
April 14, 2014RTI Debuts Warm Gas Cleanup Tech at Polk IGCC Plant
April 14, 2014Port of Kalama Methanol Venture Signs Lease Agreement
April 14, 2014Entech Pursues Canada WTE Plant
April 14, 2014Methanex Evaluates Third Methanol Unit at Ascension Parish
April 14, 2014Methanex Announces Regional Methanol Contract Prices
April 14, 2014DKRW Hopes to Renew Loan Guarantees for CTL Project
April 14, 2014Technical Woes Keep Edwardsport IGCC at Marginal Capacity
April 14, 2014City of Iqaluit Will Soon Launch a Pilot WTE Project
April 14, 2014Kemper County IGCC Project Cost Exceeds US$5.2 Billion
April 14, 2014Swan Hills Synfuels Anticipates Late-2017 Start for Canada GTL Project
April 14, 2014US Set for Massive Surge in Methanol Plant Construction
April 14, 2014EIA: Half of New US Power Gen Capacity Fueled by Natural Gas
April 14, 2014US Navy Touts Novel Seawater-Based GTL Process
April 14, 2014OSU Developing Hybrid Gasification-Syngas Fermentation Tech
April 14, 2014Equares Energy Company Enters Clean Energy Challenge
April 14, 2014Siluria Technologies Brings Innovative Gas-to-Ethylene Tech to Houston
April 14, 2014EmberClear’s Pennsylvania GTL Project Faces Community, Economic Hurdles
April 14, 2014Fertilizer Proposals Offer Little Relief for Gas Flares in ND
April 14, 2014Is ExxonMobil Poised for Further Shale Gas Risk?
April 14, 2014Stanford Scientists Discover Carbon Monoxide-to-Ethanol Process
April 14, 2014Analyzing the EPA’s New Source Performance Standard
April 14, 2014Analysis- GTL Development Series Part Two: Missed Opportunity for Natural Gas-Derived Products?
March 31, 2014Four-firm GTL development JV announced
March 31, 2014MagneGas unveils mobile liquid biomass conversion system
March 31, 2014UMED now marketing mobile GTL conversion units
March 31, 2014Intrexon forms GTL bioconversion collaboration
March 31, 2014Indiana Court of Appeals upholds Duke Energy customer rate increase
March 31, 2014Kemper County IGCC start delayed five months
March 31, 2014Methanex may opt to move third methanol train to Geismar
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Plant NameTypeLocationConstruction StatusCompletion Probability ScoreCapital Cost (Billion USD)
Edwardsport IGCC Project  Samplecoal to powerUSA, IndianaOperationalN/A3.55
Swan Hills ISCG/Sagitawah Power Project   Sampleunderground coal gasification (UCG)Canada, AlbertaPreliminary Design/Pre-FEED21.50
Texas Clean Energy Project  Samplecoal to powerUSA, TexasFEED42.50
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