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Golden Valley Electric Association
Contact Information
PO Box 71249
Fairbanks, AK99707
United States
Phone:   (907) 452-1151
Fax:   (907) 458-6365

Oct 24, 2013AIDEA Speeds Up for North Slope LNG Trucking Project
Oct 10, 2013AIDEA Fast Tracks North Slope LNG Plan
Aug 29, 2013Alaskan LNG Providers Request Rights of Way for Natural Gas Pipelines
Aug 08, 2013AIDEA Receives Four Proposals for LNG Plant Project
May 03, 2013Fairbanks Natural Gas Testing LNG Fueled Trucks for Future Transportation
Mar 27, 2013Alaska legislature considers inland LNG distribution
Dec 13, 2012Golden Valley pursues development of Alaska LNG project
Oct 05, 2012BP to Supply Trucked in LNG to Fairbanks
Apr 20, 2012Fairbanks to Receive Help Funding Trucking in LNG
Apr 17, 2012GVEA, FHR secure partial funding for trucking operation
Aug 10, 2011Alaskan North Slope Merchant Plant Engineering Commenced

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