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Pipeline NameLocation (Termini)StatusLast Updated
Alliance PipelineCanada to USAOperational2011/01/17
Altai Gas PipelineEastern Russia to ChinaShelved2011/01/17
Arab Gas PipelineEgypt to Israel to Jordan to Lebanon to SyriaOperational2011/01/12
Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector Proposed2011/12/02
Balgzand-Bacton PipelineNetherlands to United KingdomOperational2011/01/17
Baltic Gas InterconnectorGermany to Denmark to SwedenPlanned2011/01/17
Baltic PipeNorway to Poland to DenmarkPlanned2011/01/12
Bangladesh to India [BTI] PipelineBangladesh to IndiaProposed2011/01/17
BBL Pipeline Operational2014/07/14
Blue StreamWestern Russia to TurkeyOperational2011/01/17
Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline (GASBOL)Bolivia to BrazilOperational2011/01/17
Brotherhood Gas PipelineWestern Russia to Ukraine to SlovakiaOperational2011/01/17
Bukhara-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty PipelineUzbekistan to Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan to KazakhstanOperational2014/07/14
Central Asia-Center Gas PipelineTurkmenistan to Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan to Western RussiaOperational2011/01/17
Central Asia-China Gas PipelineTurkmenistan to Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan to ChinaOperational2012/08/17
Coastal Bend Header Proposed2014/09/15
Croatia-Hungary Pipeline Croatia to HungaryPlanned2011/01/17
Cruz del Sur pipelineArgentina to UruguayOperational2014/07/14
Dolphin PipelineQatar to United Arab Emirates to OmanOperational2011/01/17
East Caribbean Gas PipelineTrinidad & Tobago to Barbados to Dominica to Martinique (French Territory) to Saint Lucia to Guadeloupe (French Territory)Proposed2011/01/17
El Pas Natural Gas Pipeline Operational2014/07/14
Franpipe Norway to FranceOperational2011/01/17
GalsiAlgeria to ItalyUnder Construction2011/01/17
Gas Acatama Operational2014/07/14
Gas Andes Operational2014/07/14
Gasoducto Noreste ArgentinoBolivia to ArgentinaProposed2011/01/17
Gazela PipelineCzech Republic to GermanyPlanned2014/07/14
Gazoduc Pedro Duran Farell (GPDF)Algeria to Spain to MoroccoOperational2011/01/17
Gran Gasoducto del Sur Gas PipelineVenezuela to Brazil to ArgentinaShelved2014/07/14
Greece Italy InterconnectorTurkey to Greece to ItalyPlanned2011/12/21
Greece-Bulgaria Interconnector Greece to BulgariaProposed2014/07/14
Greenstream PipelineLibya to ItalyOperational2011/11/11
Gulf-South Asia Gas Pipeline Project (GUSA)Qatar to PakistanProposed2011/01/17
Iran to Iraq  2014/07/14
Iran-Armenia Gas PipelineIran to ArmeniaOperational2011/01/17
Iran-Pakistan-India Gas PipelineIran to Pakistan to IndiaProposed2012/04/20
Iran-Turkey PipelineIran to TurkeyOperational2011/01/17
Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline  2014/07/14
Korpezhe-Kurt Kui PipelineTurkmenistan to IranOperational2011/01/17
Kovykta-China Gas PipelineEastern Russia to China to South KoreaProposed2011/01/17
Langeled PipelineNorway to United KingdomOperational2011/01/17
Los Ramones Operational2014/07/14
MacKenzie Delta Gas PipelineCanada to USAShelved2012/05/02
Maghreb-Europe Gas PipelineAlgeria to Morocco to Spain to PortugalOperational2011/01/17
Mallnow-Lasów interconnector Operational2011/10/10
Maritimes & Northeast Gas PipelineCanada to USAOperational2011/01/17
MedgazAlgeria to SpainOperational2011/01/17
Mozambique-South Africa PipelineMozambique to South AfricaOperational2014/07/14
Myanmar-Bangladesh-India Gas PipelineMyanmar to Bangladesh to IndiaProposed2014/07/14
Myanmar-China Gas PipelineMyanmar to ChinaProposed2011/01/12
Nabucco PipelineTurkey to Bulgaria to Hungary to Romania to AustriaProposed2011/12/13
Namibia-South Africa Gas PipelineNamibia to South AfricaProposed2014/07/14
Nord Stream PipelineWestern Russia to GermanyUnder Construction2011/11/03
North Slope Gas PipelineUSA to Canada to USAShelved2012/01/06
Northern Border Gas PipelineCanada to USAOperational2011/01/12
Pacific Gas Connector Pipeline Proposed2014/09/23
Poland-Austria PipelinePoland to AustriaPlanned2011/01/12
Poland-Lithuania PipelinePoland to LithuaniaProposed2014/07/14
Power of Siberia Under Construction2014/09/02
Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project Proposed2014/09/04
Ruby Pipeline Operational2014/09/23
Sakhalin-China Gas PipelineEastern Russia to ChinaOperational2010/05/13
Sakhalin-Japan Gas PipelineEastern Russia to JapanProposed2014/07/14
Sakhalin-Korea-China PipelineEastern Russia to South Korea to ChinaPlanned2010/05/13
Sakhalin-South Korea Gas PipelineEastern Russia to South KoreaProposed2011/11/18
Scotland-Northern Ireland PipelineUnited Kingdom to IrelandOperational2011/01/17
South Caucasus PipelineAzerbaijan to TurkeyOperational2011/01/17
South Stream PipelineWestern Russia to Bulgaria to ItalyProposed2012/01/30
Soyuz Pipeline Operational2014/07/14
Sumatra-Philippines Gas PipelineIndonesia to PhilippinesProposed2010/04/13
Tamazunchale  2014/07/14
Trans Amazonian PipelineVenezuela to BrazilProposed2010/04/13
Trans Anadolu gas pipeline Under Construction2012/05/08
Trans Anatolia Gas Pipeline Proposed2014/07/14
Trans Austria Gas (TAG) pipelineSlovakia to Austria to ItalyOperational2014/07/14
Trans-Adriatic PipelineGreece to Albania to ItalyFEED2011/01/17
Trans-ASEAN Pipeline Planned2010/04/13
Trans-Balkan lineWestern Russia to Ukraine to Bulgaria 2010/05/13
TransCanada Canadian Mainline Operational2014/07/14
Trans-Caribbean gas pipelineVenezuela to ColombiaOperational2011/01/17
Trans-Caspian Gas PipelineTurkmenistan to Azerbaijan to Georgia to TurkeyProposed2010/05/13
Trans-Iguaçu pipelineArgentina to Brazil 2010/05/13
Trans-Mediterranean PipelineAlgeria to Tunisia to ItalyOperational2011/01/17
Transportadora de Gas del Mercosur Gas PipelineArgentina to BrazilOperational2011/01/17
Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline (TSGP)Niger to AlgeriaPlanned2010/05/13
Trans-Thailand Malaysia PipelineThailand to MalaysiaOperational2011/01/11
Turkey-Greece-Italy InterconnectorTurkey to Greece to ItalyOperational2011/12/21
Turkey-Nakhchivan PipelineAzerbaijan to TurkeyProposed2014/07/14
Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI)Turkmenistan to Afghanistan to Pakistan to IndiaProposed2012/08/28
Turkmenistan-China-Korea-Japan natural-gas pipeline Proposed2010/07/28
Turkmenistan-Iran PipelineTurkmenistan to IranOperational2014/07/14
Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-ChinaTurkmenistan to Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan to ChinaOperational2014/07/14
UK InterconnectorBelgium to United KingdomOperational2011/01/17
Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod pipelineEastern Russia to UkraineOperational2011/01/17
Vector Gas Pipeline Operational2014/07/14
Venezuela-Columbia PipelineColombia to VenezuelaOperational2010/05/13
Viking Gas Transmission Company Operational2014/07/14
West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP)Nigeria to Benin to Togo to GhanaOperational2011/01/12
White StreamGeorgia to Romania to UkraineProposed2011/01/18
Yabog (Yacimientos-Bolivian Gulf) PipelineBolivia to ArgentinaOperational2011/01/17
Yadana PipelineThailand to MyanmarOperational2011/01/18
Yamal-Europe PipelineWestern Russia to Belarus to PolandOperational2011/01/18

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