Eckelmann Group Developing LNG-Fueled Cold Ironing Barge with TUI Cruises
April 03, 2012

The barge will be used to provide power to cruise ships docked in Hamburg’s port.

As part of an effort to “green” the Port of Hamburg, Germany’s Eckelmann Group and TUI Cruises have signed a declaration of intent to provide LNG-fueled cold ironing to TUI's cruise ships while docked in Hamburg. The port announced on Mar. 29 that the power for the ships will be generated through an “E-Power Barge” built by Eckelmann capable of generating up to 9 megawatts by using LNG-fueled engines and generators.

The project aims to reduce noise and emissions by providing alternative power through LNG and allowing TUI’s ships to switch off their diesel auxiliary engines in port. A contract will be signed this summer, with investment for the prototype totaling approximately €15 million. The system will be operationally ready for the start of the 2013 cruise season.

The barge itself will have a length of 80 meters and a beam of 11.5 meters. It will also have a 300 cubic meter LNG-fuel tank, which will be sufficient for 100 hours of operation at full load. Reportedly MAN Diesel & Turbo, Wartsila and Rolls Royce are competing to supply the engines.

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