Industry Analysis
N. American LNG Fuel Supply Part 1: A Rising Tide Lifts All Merchant Plants
July 10, 2014
Underpinning the rapid uptake of LNG as a fuel throughout North America has been a small, but growing network of LNG supply points. These include everything from purpose-built merchant plants, to import terminals, to peakshavers owned by utilities, and more. In this first piece of a new analysis series, Zeus will examine where supply comes from today, and how this appears set to evolve....Full Article

Financial Difficulties in Developing Merchant Plants Offers New Opportunities
March 20, 2014
As more smaller ventures reliant on external financing enter the LNG fuel production space, a number have increasing difficulties finding banks willing to support projects without long-term take-or-pay contracts, However, these developers are confronting a fuels market traditionally accustomed to spot opportunities. The result has created new market opportunities for a number of forward thinking firms....Full Article

Development of LNG Fueling Stations in China vs. in U.S.
January 30, 2014
Thanks to advanced technology, LNG has achieved widespread adoption in the vehicle industry throughout the world. Some fleet owners in the U.S. are still hesitant to convert to LNG fueled trucks due to the “Chicken-and-Egg” problem relating to fueling infrastructure and demand. However, specialists in China have begun to state that this kind of problem does not exist in China. In this analysis report, Zeus will review the current status of LNG fueling infrastructure in both markets and analyze the possible reasons....Full Article

Worldwide LNG Fueled Vehicle Projects in 2013
January 16, 2014
Through a variety of factors and drivers, LNG as a fuel has risen in prominence in several continents, including North America. However, the rate of growth in each varies dramatically. In this analysis report, Zeus will compare the current status of the LNG fueled vehicle market in different regions and analyze possible reasons for the uneven development throughout the world. ...Full Article

Economic Sensitivity Analysis for LNG Fueled Trucks
January 2, 2014
The ongoing price gap between diesel and LNG has drawn a wave of interest in using the fuel in on-highway trucking. However, operators grapple with finding the best set of economic and operational circumstances to make the trucks compelling through shortened payback periods. In this report, Zeus will conduct an economic sensitivity analysis to better offer insights into shifts in payback periods through changes in factors like fuel price, annual mileage, incremental cost, and fuel economy....Full Article

Fleet Moves
Interstate Distributor Orders 20 LNG Fueled Kenworth Trucks
July 17, 2014
The company’s parent is also developing multiple LNG fueled ships for the U.S....Full Article

New Turkish Container Terminal Orders 40 LNG Fueled Tractors
July 10, 2014
The trucks have been selected for their environmental performance, and potential cost savings....Full Article

Florida East Coast Railway Planning LNG Fuel Trial
July 3, 2014
The test would include four locomotives and two tender cars....Full Article

NovaCopper Eyes Alaskan Merchant LNG to Support Mine
July 3, 2014
The firm is joining Wellgreen in pursuing supply from a new state-funded LNG plant....Full Article

Skangass Begins Providing LNG Fuel for Insulation Material Factory
June 26, 2014
The Norwegian facility receives its LNG via road trailer from an existing LNG export terminal....Full Article

Construction Underway for Tioga LNG Plant
July 10, 2014
The micro-scale facility is expected to come online in August....Full Article

I-5 Clean Fuels Announces Plans for Fresno Merchant Plant
July 3, 2014
The US$95 million first phase facility has already received approval for the land....Full Article

UPS Launches Memphis LNG Fueling Station
June 26, 2014
The fueling station is located on existing company property....Full Article

Stabilis Reports George West Facility On-Track for 1Q2015 Launch
June 26, 2014
The plant will be a key supply point for customers in the Eagle Ford shale....Full Article

Avista Lanches Salix to Pursue LNG Fuel Market
June 26, 2014
The new firm will serve customers in the West and Pacific Northwest....Full Article

Fluor Awarded Contract for GATE Breakbulk Terminal
July 17, 2014
The breakbulk facility will be designed to serve customers supporting the LNG fuel market through both ship and trailer loading....Full Article

MAN, Fairbanks Morse Sign Gas Engine Sales Initiative
July 10, 2014
The venture will focus on supplying gas fueled engines for the power sector....Full Article

Transmashholding Plans to Test LNG Fueled Locomotive
July 3, 2014
The gas fueled locomotive uses a reciprocating engine....Full Article

Cleancor Energy Launches LNG Equipment Rental Unit
July 3, 2014
The new business will support the rental of mobile equipment used in the LNG and CNG industries....Full Article

Shell to Use Bennett Pump Dispensers for U.S. LNG Fueling Stations
June 5, 2014
The super major’s planned national network of LNG fueling sites will be equipped with Bennett’s own LNG dispensers....Full Article

TCEQ Announces New Round of Grants for Alterative Fueled Vehicles
July 10, 2014
The nearly $8 million in funding is available for operators replacing diesel power units....Full Article

Colorado Approves New Clean Trucks Bill
May 15, 2014
The Bill provides both sales tax exemptions and tax credits for purchasers of trucks using alternative fuels....Full Article

EIA Projects LNG to Play Increasing Role in Rail Industry
April 17, 2014
In its expected case projections, EIA believes LNG will account for 35 percent of total freight rail energy consumption....Full Article

National Research Council Pushes for Natural Gas Fuel as Part of Next Level Fuel Economy
April 10, 2014
The council believes that natural gas should operate under separate standards from conventional fuels.

NCWM to Debate Measuring LNG and CNG by Mass or Volume
March 27, 2014
The outcome will have ramifications in how the fuel is dispensed....Full Article

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