Client Letter
Chevron sees challenges, Europe diversifies, Freeport advances
September 24, 2014

Dear Client,

Chevron acknowledged challenges in the past couple of weeks. After accidents and delays at its Angola LNG liquefaction plant, it has admitted that it needs to reconstruct design flaws. It also said that it would need a partner on its Kitimat LNG proposal before it could move forward. ...Full Article

Analysis from Zeus Intelligence
Uncertain Taxes and Uncertain Death
September 24, 2014

Benjamin Franklin is credited for saying, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” By stretching the meaning a bit, this axiom describes British Columbia (BC) export projects and how they may live or die based on the tax structure that was proposed earlier this year. Local reports have Chevron’s Kitimat LNG, Petronas’ Pacific NorthWest LNG, Shell’s Kitimat LNG and BG Group’s Prince Rupert LNG all pushing back, forming a B.C. LNG Developers Alliance in order to lobby for tax concessions....Full Article

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