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US Petchems Show Promise, GTL Opportunities Fade for Now
March 27, 2015

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t;Just one year ago the U.S. gas-to-liquids (GTL) commodity arbitrage was attractive. Indeed, perhaps attractive enough to justify large-scale investment in GTL conversion plants. Times change, and with it markets and their abundant opportunities, shifting investment to new venues. Although the short-term dynamics may not persist, for now, the decline in crude oil prices force a fresh consideration on current and future projects. Ultimately, oil prices have to recover to bring U.S. GTL projects back into competitiveness. ...Full Article

Industry Analysis
Spotlight: Examining the Potential of GTL Development in Mozambique

The year 2010 was a major turning point in the destiny of East African nation Mozambique. Before discoveries by international operators such as Anadarko and Eni, Mozambique had less than 10 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of proven natural gas reserves from a handful of fields, which are used to supply South Africa via pipeline. Now, Mozambique is well positioned to boost regional exports via pipeline and begin to export LNG and GTL by the end of the decade. The prodigious gas reserves of the Rovuma Basin leads one to wonder: is Mozambique the next world-scale gas hub?...Full Article

Industry Analysis- US Methanol Prices Climb to Highest in Five Years

The U.S. spot methanol assessment reached US$1.67 Nov. 26, its highest level in more than five years. Global supply pressure exacerbated by a handful of shutdowns and both planned and unplanned maintenance turnarounds has supported higher prices. Prices have trended higher in the interim across North American, Asian and European regions, reflecting a growing demand for the product. Factors contributing to the higher prices include gas supply curtailments in Trinidad and the Brazilian government’s recent decision to extend the suspension of import duties on methanol. Variations in spot and contract pricing may also factor in the climbing prices. Methanex, the world’s largest methanol producer, set its FOB US Gulf December contract pricing to US$1.90 a gallon. The U.S. has thus been the most expensive region for purchasing methanol since early November. U.S. methanol prices have remained fairly high throughout 2013. ...Full Article

Feature Articles
Feature- Important Years Ahead for CCS Development

In November 2014, the U.S. and China, the world’s two largest emitters of carbon dioxide, announced a deal to cut emissions to reduce overall carbon impact on the global environment. The U.S. pledged to cut emissions to at least 26% below 2005 levels by 2025. China pledged to start reducing overall carbon emissions by 2030, or potentially sooner. If these programs are implemented global CO2 emissions could peak within the next 15 years. Doing this would require innovative technologies to more efficiently utilize prodigious energy resources, as well that that capture, compress, and store or utilize CO2, for the utilization in enhanced oil recovery operations or through its use as a product intermediary for the production of specialty chemicals. ...Full Article

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