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Foreign Firms See Great Opportunity in US Gas Conversion
September 17, 2014

Demand for natural gas is rising. Particularly in countries like China, where coal is increasingly disadvantaged due to local carbon impacts, and Egypt, where gas production has sputtered amid disappointing offshore exploration, companies in these countries look to outside sources to fulfill their production demands to meet contracts and continue to compete. While LNG is an option for some, it is often an expensive proposition.

China is the world’s largest coal consumer, but increasingly the Chinese government is shifting to cleaner uses of the fuel. China has banned the import and sale of low quality coals under a new policy to promote the cleaner use of coal. Meanwhile, due to shortages in oil and natural gas, and a concern about an overreliance on coal use, China looks to North America’s prodigious shale resources to produce methanol for shipment home. Doing this eliminates the need to secure LNG for downstream units, and instead produces the intermediate product methanol for subsequent shipment back to China....Full Article

Industry Analysis
Industry Analysis- Snapshot on Methanol as a Marine Fuel

North American methanol production is expected to increase by 26% by 2020, part of a worldwide expansion of the fuel. By 2020, an additional 65.9 million tons a year of global capacity is expected to be added. In the U.S. alone, some 22 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) of methanol capacity could be added by 2020. A lot of this capacity will go to China, which is using it is a precursor for olefins production via  MTO processes (See this issue’s Editor’s letter). ...Full Article

R3 Sciences working to commercialize modular gas-to-methanol units
November 22, 2013

R3 Sciences have successfully produced commercial grade methanol in a continuous flow pilot system using a liquid, homogenous catalytic process. Advances in homogenous catalysis developed by R3 Sciences will allow the production of methanol from air-derived syngas with only trace levels of catalyst residual. The company is looking to license its technology for deployment in transportable, modular units to process natural gas at the source, providing opportunities for oil field operators to commercialize stranded and flared gas into methanol. R3 Sciences is a unit of Enersciences Holdings, which through other units provides drilling fluids and services, frac and coil chemicals and power generation technologies for upstream operators. ...Full Article

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