Client Letter
Allam Cycle May Enable Next-Gen Clean-Coal Development
November 25, 2014

Clean coal technologies are still under development, and the first iterations of the latest generation of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology have either entered construction or are undergoing commissioning. Some of the under development and proposed facilities integrate carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies to reduce the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere.

t;Such measures will increasingly be necessary under new and impending regulations on emissions from power plants in the U.S. Ultimately, there are two major issues for developers of coal gasification power plants to address in the increasingly natural gas-focused market: improving efficiency of the IGCC process and reducing the cost and overall impact of implementing CCS at the plant. ...Full Article

Industry Analysis
Feature Analysis- Novel Conversion Techs Overview

In recent months there have been a number of announcements relative to alternative conversion processes, using novel techniques for utilizing CO2, Water, and/or sunlight to produce fuels and chemicals. There is increasing evidence that scalable processes to convert such sources into premium products may be commercially viable before the end of the decade. Not only would such technologies offer an alternative to reliance on petroleum fuels, they would offer near-term market opportunities to supplement their use by increasing overall efficiency and reducing emissions. Below is a selection of the key announcements in this sphere since May....Full Article

Industry Analysis- EPA Reduces Renewable Fuel Standard Mandate for First Time

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has lowered the ethanol blending mandate known as the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) in response to the slower-than-anticipated growth of cellulosic ethanol. Although the move is supported by the oil and auto industries, corn-growers and developers of cellulosic ethanol technologies, which are at the cusp of commercialization in the U.S., stand to lose by the development. The EPA has thus acknowledged that the current mandate is not feasible....Full Article

R3 Sciences working to commercialize modular gas-to-methanol units
November 22, 2013

R3 Sciences have successfully produced commercial grade methanol in a continuous flow pilot system using a liquid, homogenous catalytic process. Advances in homogenous catalysis developed by R3 Sciences will allow the production of methanol from air-derived syngas with only trace levels of catalyst residual. The company is looking to license its technology for deployment in transportable, modular units to process natural gas at the source, providing opportunities for oil field operators to commercialize stranded and flared gas into methanol. R3 Sciences is a unit of Enersciences Holdings, which through other units provides drilling fluids and services, frac and coil chemicals and power generation technologies for upstream operators. ...Full Article

Feature Articles
Feature- “Oasis” Gas-to-Methanol Units Offer Solution to Waste Gas

Maverick Synfuels, a North Carolina-based developer of advanced thermo-chemical technology, has introduced a small-scale, modular methane-to-methanol production plant concept that can be co-located at the methane source. The system allows producers to monetize biogas and natural gas streams (including associated, flared, and stranded gas reserves) as an alternative to burning the gas, transporting it via pipeline, or producing electricity....Full Article

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