Client Letter
ND Flaring Abatement Regs May Affect Oil Output
July 17, 2014

Dear Client,

Gas flaring in North Dakota continues to rise. Increasingly, producers focused on oil plays have no available means to monetize natural gas, so it is flared as they focus on development of the liquids instead. The situation has exacerbated people’s perceptions from an environmental sensitivity and economical consideration standpoint, as royalty owners want to end the wasteful flaring of an important resource. In response, North Dakota’s Energy regulator plans to enforce new restrictions on the amount of natural gas that can be burned at oil wells, a move designed to reduce flaring to a level more in line with other states, such as Texas....Full Article

Industry Analysis
Industry Analysis: Improving the Viability of GTL Developments

On June 3-5, 2014, industry met in Houston at this publisher’s GTL North America 2014 conference to highlight the growth of the GTL industry and the advances in technology which may facilitate the first projects entering construction within the next two years. Some $50 billion of gas-conversion infrastructure has been proposed in the U.S., including four large-scale GTL projects along with a dozen smaller-scale projects, 11 methanol proposals, more than a dozen ammonia projects/upgrades, and new direct-reduced iron (DRI) infrastructure. This analysis highlights some key takeaways regarding how to improve the viability of U.S.-based GTL projects at small- to medium-scale. (<30,000 b/d)....Full Article

R3 Sciences working to commercialize modular gas-to-methanol units
November 22, 2013

R3 Sciences have successfully produced commercial grade methanol in a continuous flow pilot system using a liquid, homogenous catalytic process. Advances in homogenous catalysis developed by R3 Sciences will allow the production of methanol from air-derived syngas with only trace levels of catalyst residual. The company is looking to license its technology for deployment in transportable, modular units to process natural gas at the source, providing opportunities for oil field operators to commercialize stranded and flared gas into methanol. R3 Sciences is a unit of Enersciences Holdings, which through other units provides drilling fluids and services, frac and coil chemicals and power generation technologies for upstream operators. ...Full Article

Feature Articles
Feature: Texas Clean Energy Project, China-US Cooperation Agreements

During the 6th round of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing, Summit Power Group (Summit) signed two significant agreements that introduced a major new project participant to Summit’s Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP) and created a second, historic alliance between TCEP and China’s cleanest fossil fuel power plant: China Huaneng’s GreenGen. The milestones were announced in conjunction with the recent meeting’s U.S.-China Climate Change Working Group CCUS initiative....Full Article

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