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Recent Developments

July 17, 2014Intrexon Touts Progress with Bio-Methane Conversion
July 17, 2014Hte Catalysts to Support Synfuels FT Research
July 17, 2014Biopower Operations Corp. Acquires EnviroPower Management
July 17, 2014Calysta Achieves 8-Fold Performance Increase with Fermentation Tech
July 17, 2014DKRW Still in Loan Guarantee Discussions for Stalled Wyoming CTL Venture
July 17, 2014WRI Proposes 1,000-b/d CTL Pilot Unit in Wyoming
July 17, 2014Feature: Texas Clean Energy Project, China-US Cooperation Agreements
June 30, 2014Calysta Announces Success in Methane-to-Lactic Acid Route
June 30, 2014 IHI Awarded EPC Contract for Great Plains Upgrade
June 30, 2014Velocys Acquires Pinto Energy, Ashtabula GTL Project
June 30, 2014NETL Supercomputer Processing Coal Gasification Data
June 30, 2014Is The US Headed For A Methanol Glut?
June 30, 2014NGL Infrastructure Investment Required To Prevent Glut
June 13, 2014Calumet Takes 22% Stake in Juniper GTL
June 13, 2014G2X Secures Permits for Louisiana MTG Project
June 13, 2014Sasol, Ineos to Build PE Plant in La Porte, TX
June 13, 2014Cirque to Install Small Biomass Power Station in Midland, TX
June 13, 2014APP Signs Contract for 20 MW Port of Hamilton WTE Plant
June 13, 2014Enerkem Inaugurates Commercial-Scale WTL Unit
June 13, 2014Primus Announces Development of Small-Scale GTL Technology
June 13, 2014Siluria, Linde Announce Ethylene Partnership
June 13, 2014Wyoming Approves Simplot’s Ammonia Plant Permit
June 13, 2014Wyoming GTL Proposes US$1.8B GTL Facility near Cheyenne
June 13, 2014BASF Evaluating Plans for US$1.4B Gulf Coast Propylene Plant
June 13, 2014Rice University Researchers Announce Carbon Capture Breakthrough
June 13, 2014DOE Pens Carbon Capture Agreement with Southern Company
June 13, 2014Midrex: 2013 World DRI Production Surpasses 75 MT
May 30, 2014EFT Enters Engineering Phase of 2,000-b/d GTL Unit
May 30, 2014Tenova Forms DRI Commercialization Alliance
May 30, 2014 Calysta Broadens Methane Fermentation Options
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Plant NameTypeLocationConstruction StatusCompletion Probability ScoreCapital Cost (Billion USD)
Edwardsport IGCC Project  Samplecoal to powerUSA, IndianaOperationalN/A3.55
Swan Hills ISCG/Sagitawah Power Project   Sampleunderground coal gasification (UCG)Canada, AlbertaPreliminary Design/Pre-FEED21.50
Texas Clean Energy Project  Samplecoal to powerUSA, TexasFEED42.50
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