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Recent Developments

September 25, 2014Foster Wheeler, ZeoGas Enter Collaboration Agreement
September 25, 2014ANGTL Proposes GTL Units to Reduce Cost of Oil Production
September 25, 2014DKRW CTL Project Faces Significant Opposition
September 25, 2014Fertilizer Company Agrigen Proposes $1.2B Louisiana Plant
September 25, 2014YARA, CF Merger Could Rival Potash in Size
September 25, 2014Asia, Mideast to Lead World in Gas Consumption Growth
September 25, 2014China, US Enter Clean Energy Collaboration
September 25, 2014UN Officials Visit Kemper Plant to See IGCC Tech First-Hand
September 17, 2014Fulcrum Secures Federal Loan for Nevada Jet Fuel Venture
September 17, 2014Linc Secures Crucial Approval for Wyoming UCG Plan
September 17, 2014Startup Expenses at Kemper Project Add US$30M to Cost
September 17, 2014Oberon Fuels’ Bio-DME eligible for RFS Status
September 17, 2014Egypt Kuwait Holding Co. Plans US$2.3B Idaho Fertilizer Project
September 17, 2014Port of Kalama Methanol Project Secures Additional Land
September 17, 2014NPN Fertilizer Venture Granted Zoning Approval
September 17, 2014UW Professor Receives Funding for Coal Conversion Research
September 17, 2014CO2 ‘Sponge’ Could Ease Transition to IGCC Technologies
September 17, 2014Iowa Fertilizer Plant Expected Online in 2015
September 17, 2014CHS Unveils Plans for US$3B Fertilizer Plant
September 17, 2014Ineos Reports Spotty Ethanol Production at Florida Project
September 17, 2014Dakota Gasification Plans Aggressive Construction Schedule
August 28, 2014Kemper County IGCC Begins Combined Cycle Operations
August 28, 2014LyondellBasell Plans World-Scale PO Plant on US Gulf Coast
August 28, 2014UMED Holdings Enters Agreement for Mobile-Scale GTL Units
August 28, 2014G2X Joins Upstream Effort to Source Gas for GTL Opportunities
August 28, 2014DOE Researchers Look Into Making Slag More Valuable
August 28, 2014Siluria Plans Houston GTL Demo by Yearend
August 28, 2014Hawaii Considers Methanol as Important Bridge Fuel
August 28, 2014Linde Completes Cold box Installation
August 28, 2014Pioneer Energy Develops Mobile GTL Unit
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Plant NameTypeLocationConstruction StatusCompletion Probability ScoreCapital Cost (Billion USD)
Edwardsport IGCC Project  Samplecoal to powerUSA, IndianaOperationalN/A3.55
Swan Hills ISCG/Sagitawah Power Project   Sampleunderground coal gasification (UCG)Canada, AlbertaClosed/shelvedN/A1.50
Texas Clean Energy Project  Samplecoal to powerUSA, TexasPost-FEED/Awaiting Construction32.50
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